Yogurt cups, lens caps, and becoming…my dad

“No saving yogurt cups, like your dad!”

One quirk(?) about my dad is that he has been known to save things that [most?] people would simply throw away. No, he is not a hoarder; he simply tends to keep certain things in the hopes that they will be useful in some way…somewhere…someday. And yet, they usually are. Hey, he is resourceful and economical and he recycles too, so what’s the problem?

One of those things that he keeps and utilizes are old yogurt cups. My dad has always used them in his workshop as containers for nails, screws, etc. Of course, my wife and daughters are always ribbing me when I want to save anything for potential future use. “No saving yogurt cups, like your dad!” they chime in.

Recently, my dad gave me one of his old camera lenses [circa 1991]. As I took it out of the case guess what I found? Yup, an old yogurt cup lid utilized as the lens cap. Well, it worked!

However, in all honesty, I really did want to get a better cap for this lens. Therefore, I started shopping around for a cap that would fit this [old] lens. As it was a standard 72mm lens, I planned to just get a 72mm lens cap. Seemed like a simple no-brainer. So I bought one…and it really didn’t fit! What?!? For whatever reason, while this 72mm lens cap fit into the lens, it was just a little too small and didn’t stay completely secure in place, fitting onto the lens. Oh great, now what? Back to the yogurt cup lid, I guess.

A few days earlier, we were on a road trip to visit my dad as well as other family and friends on the east coast. As I needed to stay awake while driving on this long road trip I went to the grocery store and bought a large bottle of Starbuck’s cold brew coffee. And yes, this beverage did help keep me awake.

When we got back home, and after I finished the remainder of my Starbuck’s cold brew beverage, I washed out the bottle. As I was washing it out, I thought, “Wow, this is a really nice bottle. Maybe I can use it for something in the future.” Okay, the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. – Guilty as charged!

As the bottle was on the drying rack, the rest of my family noticed it and then exclaimed, “No! You are not saving this! No yogurt cups, like your dad!” Not tapping out and giving in [completely], I removed the bottle from the drying rack and put it on my workbench out in the garage.

A few days later, I continued to investigate the lens cap issue for this old camera lens. “What can I use to cover this lens?” I thought in frustration. And then, it hit me: What about the Starbuck’s cold brew bottle lid?

I ran to the garage, retrieved the bottle and unscrewed the lid. And you know what? The lid fit perfectly with this old camera lens! – Okay, it fit perfectly only if I put the lid in backwards…but, voila!, it fit like a glove! And, it looked much better [I think] than an old yogurt cup lid.

I texted my dad to let him know that I upgraded his old yogurt lid lens cap with a new Starbuck’s lid lens cap. He texted back, “Oh no, my special lens cap. I might need that!” – Too late. I already threw it away.

Never let it be said that I am not resourceful.
Never let it be said that I am not economical.
Never let it be said that I never recycle.
…Just like my dad.

Will Hoyler


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