God used pro wrestling in my life in order to get my attention. “Go into ALL the world…” right? — YES!

Therefore, I wrote a book about it: Wrestling with God’s Will: The Intersection of Life, God, and Pro Wrestling.
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It’s the main event! The [eternal] championship match, and you are a part of it! This is REAL LIFE and there is nothing “fake” about it.

My book and story can downloaded for FREE [link below]. I challenge you to step into the ring, read my story, and read the application chapters. Check out the wrestler testimony videos too [links below]. After that, please let me know what you think. Feel free to comment and/or connect with me on social media.

This is not only my story, but it is for anyone [i.e. all of us] as we all are “pro wrestlers” in this world. We all “wrestle” in this life. May you know that you have Someone in your corner.

Let the match begin!
Will Hoyler

Book Chapters
Download my book FREE:
Wrestling with God’s Will_by Will Hoyler

My pro wrestling story and message at Wrestling Theology Fellowship on December 7, 2018:

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