Wrestler Stories & Ministry Organizations

Below are some videos about other Christian pro wrestlers and/or Christian wrestling groups. These guys are not perfect…but they are redeemed! Enjoy.

Wrestling Theology Fellowship Facebook page [I do photography for them]

Wrestling for Jesus Film:

Tully Blanchard’s testimony 1:

Tully Blanchard’s testimony 2:

Sting [Steve Borden] testimony:

Nikita Koloff’s testimony:

Sting interviews Lex Luger [part 1]:

Sting interviews Lex Luger [part 2]:

Lex Luger: Wrestling With The Devil [interview]:

Sting interviews Shawn Michaels:

Ivan Koloff interview:

Greg Valentine interview:

Detroit Wrestling Outreach:

Ted DiBiasi:


“Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff:

George “the animal” Steele:

Christian Wrestling Association International [CWAI]

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