Why High School Ministry?

The simple answer: High school teenagers need Jesus!

Nearly all teenagers go through high school here in America. This is a critically important time in the lives of teens as they are forming decisions, values, and foundations that will prepare and shape them for their future — a future that impacts all of us!

These are the “formative” years. So, who [or what] is helping to “form” the life of your teen?

The complicated reality of what high school students are dealing with today:

Just think: What would the [earthly and spiritual] impact be if we could reach high school students today with the gospel of Jesus Christ?

The exciting thing is that God is doing just that! He is moving and reaching teenagers [in public high schools] here in America through the high school ministry of Cru.

Partner with my missions work, and help reach high school teenagers all over the country for Jesus Christ!

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