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“The Masked Saint” [Slamming to theaters on January 8, 2016]

I recently had the opportunity to screen an upcoming faith-based action movie entitled, “The Masked Saint.” In fact, I am on the “Street Team” helping to promote this film. Therefore, one thing that I did was to create a new Facebook page called, “The Masked Saint – Discussion Starters.” I will be posting various questions pertaining to the messages and themes within the movie. Feel free to utilize these questions, share them with others, and help start some discussions. I look forward to the discussions and how God will use them.

This movie will be out in theaters on January 8, 2016 and is inspired by the real life story of Pastor Chris Whaley. Here is the movie synopsis:

The Masked Saint” stars Brett Granstaff (Vice) as Christopher “The Saint” Samuels. Samuels is a retired pro wrestler who settles down with his family as a small town pastor. However, he is quickly immersed into the widespread problems within the community.  Suddenly, Samuels finds himself taking matters into his own hands as he moonlights as a masked vigilante, a “Saint,” fighting the rampant injustice. While he battles with these societal problems, Samuels is also wrestling with many issues at home as well as within his church.  Through it all, he is evading the police and trying desperately to conceal his secret identity, “The Saint.”

Masked Saint logo1

Winner for Best Picture at the 2015 International Christian Film Festival, The Masked Saint co-stars Lara Jean Chorostecki (Hannibal), Oscar and Emmy nominee Diahann Carroll (Grey’s Anatomy, White Collar), Patrick McKenna (The Red Green Show), and James Preston Rogers (Pixels). However, most notably, this movie co-stars the late WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, making his final theatrical appearance. Piper portrays “Nicky Stone,” a wily and shady wrestling promotor.

Watch the movie trailer:

Without providing any spoilers, I will say the following about “The Masked Saint.” While this is a faith-based [Christian] film, it is far from being a one-dimensional, easy answer, sugar-coated, and predictable journey. There are many refreshing layers to this film that I believe the Church should take note of and build off of.

The producers of the film have even created a devotional/Bible study entitled, “Worth Fighting For.” You can download this FREE resource at: http://themaskedsaint.com/church-resources/worth-fighting-for/

As noted in the image below, I have detailed the various issues and themes that are addressed within “The Masked Saint.” I believe that this film has the opportunity to be a catalyst for further conversations that go beyond the Church walls, regarding issues that we cannot [and should not] ignore.

Masked Saint_Wrestling match movie themes

While “The Masked Saint” will entertain and inspire audiences, I believe it also has a larger challenge for the Church: Will the Church remove the masks regarding issues that need to be addressed? And, will Believers get out of the comfy walls of the Church in order to truly impact the world for God?

So, how are we doing at going into all the world with the gospel [Matthew 28:19] and welcoming and serving “the least of these” [Matthew 25:35-45]?  Are we really willing to “go” to others, especially those who may be different than us, and even “dirty?” And, are we willing to get to know them, going deep and walking through the pain and hard things in life with them?

No, this is not easy. In fact, it can be very difficult and uncomfortable. Yet, that is our “wrestling match” and our challenge: Will we stand up and wrestle, or simply lay down defeated for the three-count?

For my friends who may not get into pro wrestling, I challenge you: Go and see “The Masked Saint” on January 8, 2016 and take others with you.  This movie is really so much more than “pro wrestling.” After that, get into the ring and wrestle hard for others. Let them know that they have Someone in their corner. — The eternal championship is on the line!

Wrestling with you,
Will Hoyler

How can YOU [especially churches] help promote this film?

Group tickets and help in bringing “The Masked Saint” to your local movie theater:



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  • Peggy Yengling

    Will, you make so many excellent points in your blog. One, especially, hits home with me. That is the reference to the church removing their ‘masks’ and dealing with issues that need to be addressed. We are struggling with the decision that may mean leaving our current church. Their liberal views are becoming more apparent and we want a church that will teach us Biblical truths. So, thank you for this blog and its appropriate message!

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