In this corner…!

It’s the main event! The [eternal] championship match, and you are a part of it! This is REAL LIFE, and there is nothing “fake” about it.

I challenge you to step into the ring and take a look around this website. Read my story, read the application chapters, read the blog posts and “Turnbuckle Truths,” and check out the videos.

Please read through the Introduction page first as it provides some great insight and prepares the canvas for everything else that you will read. Chapters 1-6 deal more with my own life story while the “Step into the ring” chapters [7-11] are application chapters geared towards all “wrestlers.”

After you have checked things out, please let me know what you think. Feel free to comment and/or shoot me an email. You can also “Like” and share this site on Facebook too.

This is not just my story; it’s God’s story. And, it’s your story too. Summing it all up, you can check out THE STORY as it provides the bottom line in knowing The Truth…and THIS truth, will set you free!

We all “wrestle” in this life. May you know that you have Someone in your corner.

Let the match begin!
– Will Hoyler


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