It’s time to get your inner video game nerd/geek on! This page is dedicated to the best pro wrestling video game ever [in my opinion…and others too], “Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.” If you have never checked out FPWR, check it out. Sure, it’s for the old PS2, but sometimes old school is the best. And, in this case, it surely is!

In FPWR, you become your own “Vince McMahon” as you can create your own universe of pro wrestlers; hundreds of them, with their specific personalities and signature moves. And, as you will see, these wrestlers span the history and territories of pro wrestling, especially the 1970s, 1980s, and 2000s.

What is even cooler is that you can relive historic matches of the past or create your own crazy dream matches. Why not have Sting take on BlackJack Mulligan…in a 1983 NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling ring? Or, pit Ric Flair versus Triple H in a steel cage match, in a Mid-South/UWF ring. The possibilities are endless! Oh, and the retro graphics and game play are outstanding!

Below are some links to video anthologies that someone put together for Fire Pro Wrestling Returns. They did a great job!
This video covers the 1970s
This video covers the years 1980-1984
This video covers the years 1985-1989
This video covers the years 1990-1996

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