What my clients are saying…

Wes Mills
 "I have worked in television news for three decades. I have been on the front lines of news throughout the Midwest, working with some of the best videographers that the industry has to offer. I can tell you that Will has "the eye". He captures images that other photographers simply walk past." 
Dave Brewster
 "Will was very easy to work with. He paid attention to small details from angles to my collar being straight to ensure the best result possible. I am sure to call Will for any photography needs in the future. Thank You Will!" 
Eileen French
 "Professional, outstanding pictures, greatly appreciated and highly recommended!" 
Kim Holland
 "Will has an exceptional eye for detail and was very professional. I would highly recommend his services, whether for business or family."  
Keith Mannella
 "Will was great to work with and did a great job with head shots for my LinkedIn profile. Will offered several different options and took the time to really make it the best. I could really tell that he cared about my picture. I would recommend Will to anyone looking for a special picture whether that is professional or personal." 
James Burton, Jr.
 “Professionalism guaranteed. Those are two words that ensure that quality standards are adhered to, which in the world of professional wrestling (or any event) is extremely important. Will Hoyler has a strong focus on ensuring that the subject matter he captures is done so with the utmost professionalism, delivered in a timely mannered, and presented as vividly as possible. In addition to his stellar work behind the camera, Will is also always dressed professionally, speaks very clearly when informing his subjects of his intentions, and allows those subjects to be themselves, while enhancing their performance as best he can. Will Hoyler is an exemplary photographer for any event, and will receive my full endorsement for any event of all calibers. Hiring him for any job is the best choice you could make.” 
Nikki Campbell
 "Will is the most professional, dedicated, hungry, and most underrated photographer in the Midwest. He always makes sure to get the perfect shot, often putting himself in tough situations to get it. His work is of the highest quality and is posted in a very timely manner. He is very talented and willing to work hard, which is very evident in the pictures he produces." 
Zane Pasley
 "Will Hoyler delivers the best action and posed photos for our events."  
Nancy Lightner
 "Will volunteers to take professional pictures of the un- and under-employed for LinkedIn through the Passport to Employment organization at the Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis. Many of us have not job searched for years and do not realize how communication has changed. This is a fabulous service - thank you Will!" 
April Nelson
 "Will was great. Did an excellent job of making you feel comfortable while taken professional photos for me. Thank you."  
Thomas Zabel
 "Will did a great job with my photographs. They were all very good and that leaves me with the hard task of of selecting only one to be my new on LinkedIn. It's a good problem to have. Thank you, Will." 
Theresa Crawford-Cottonham
 "Absolutely beautiful photography. Will is a very pleasant photographer to work with. I encountered a wonderful professional experience with this photographer. Many thanks!!!" 
Thomas Siebert
 "Will Hoyler is a dedicated photography professional who takes great time and care with each of his clients to ensure the best picture is taken to represent the subject in the best light and environment. I was very happy to receive quickly, a full set of pictures I could select and then upload immediately. What I found interesting is how difficult it was to select just one picture for my consulting business as several of the head shots were perfect." 
Rasesh Patel
 "Will did great job for taking my head shot pictures for business profiles. It looks so great and incredible. It really add values to my business profile. Thank you so much Will for your skills and professionalism." 
Ted King
 "Will is great at what he does. Not only does he have an eye for great pictures he is easy to work with. He is professional, on time, and thoughtful. You will not be disappointed!" 
Gilda Wiseman
 "Will took some great head shots. I will use one for my LinkedIn profile. God certainly gave him artistic gifts. I am thankful he shared his gift with me and everyone at P2E [Passport to Employment]." 
Clifford Seaton
 "Will was very professional and easy to work with. I am extremely pleased with the results of my head shots and I recommend him for your photography needs as well!" 
Kathleen DiChiappari
 "Will has a wonderful ability to make the person comfortable and provide great photos! Very much appreciate his work with P2E providing awesome head shots. Superb Quality." 
Philip Anderson
 "If you are looking for a skilled photographer you need look no further than Will Hoyler. He is not only professional in his approach and communications with his clients, he is capable of capturing the photograph(s) you so desire." 
Rebecca McVay
 "My experience with Mr. Hoyler was among the best I've had in being photographed. He was both professional and personable and took his time to ensure that there would be multiple topnotch shots. He knows his craft, and his genuineness and sense of humor put me at ease!" 
Jon Killion
 "Will Hoyler did a great job. He was professional and enthusiastic to get it right, which I consider a high quality standard to the dedication of his profession."  
Nancy Hildebrand
 "Thank you Will! The head shot photos you took of me to use in my professional job search turned out great. I truly appreciate your giving back to the Passport2Employment group via your photography talents. Thanks to you I have numerous amazing choices of photos to choose from that will dramatically improve my LinkedIN profile!!"  
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