Chapter 8 [Application]: Winning the Eternal Championship Match

Can there really only be one winner? Can’t we all just get along? In this chapter I detail the greatest match of all time, the consequences, and the things that keep us from winning the victory. I also detail why there can only be one winner.
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Click the link below to read more. And then, review the application questions below.
Wrestling with God’s Will_by Will Hoyler_ch8appl

: What are some areas of your life that you are wrestling with and are having trouble giving them over? Why do you think this is?

TWO: What has been one of the most special gifts that you have ever received in your life? What would have happened had you never received it? And, what do you think the giver might have felt if you had chosen not to accept this gift?

THREE:  Joshua 24:15 gives a clear command to us to, “choose this day whom you will serve.” In light of reading and hearing the evidence for believing in and accepting Jesus Christ, how is the Holy Spirit prodding you to respond, today?

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