Chapter 10 [Application]: School of Hard Knocks and Grappling with God’s Will

So, what is God’s “will” for you? We all want to know. In this chapter I detail things that God “wills” for all believers.
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Click the link below to read more. And then, review the application questions below.
Wrestling with God’s Will_by Will Hoyler_ch10appl

: What are some career paths that you wanted to pursue when you were a [child, teen, young adult, in school/college]? And, did you pursue them? Why or why not?

TWO: What are some areas in your life that you know God “wills” for you, however, you are struggling with attaining and living them out [e.g. holiness, thankfulness, love, etc.]? What are some steps that you can take in order to improve in these areas?

THREE: Take the “Team Ministry Spiritual Gifts Inventory” [link below]. This is an analysis that will provide you with a simple profile of your potential God-given spiritual gifts. Perhaps this analysis will help clarify some career directional path for you.

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